Millstones along our road of success

All it started with the spark of Decision:
Our company originated by entrepreneur Mr. Raji Sandhar's decision in 1988 to Manufacture and import of Indian premium quality garments, from India, known as EKOM. And then in 1992 he called his new enterprise the SEINAN Co., Ltd.

He is successful and able to lower the per-unit cost and make these products, once a luxury item for the wealthy people, affordable to all.

Main Business / Services

Import-Export - Japan.
Importer & Distributors in India .
Wine – liquor, Beer and spirit Distribution.
Chain of restaurants.
Food and beverages- Import and distribution.
Online store- Distribution.
Designer Apparel manufacturing.
Industrial goods supply.
Personal and health care products.

Seinan Food and beverages division launch new user friendly online store in Japan: INDIA@HOME: At INDIA@HOME we have one primary goal: It is to allow its customer to purchase the largest variety of products in most convenient manner. But we didn't call it as "SHOPPING "or "GROCERY STORE", we called it as "INDIA@HOME Experience".


SEINAN Food and Beverages division started new brand import and distribution
HALDIRAMS: Haldiram's is one of India's largest sweets and snacks manufacturers, based in Delhi, India . And one of the best Authentic from India distributed in Japanese mainstream market.
Launching soon ITC: Kitchen of India brand retort curries in Japan.