An Experience for You and Your Senses:

Eating at Ghungroo is not just about the food-it about the adventure, the experience. It is a complete cultural submersion for all five of your senses.

The rich aroma of exotic spices; the rhythms and songs of an ancient culture; warm, intimate lighting; vibrant murals portraying scenes and statues from Indian life and legend; oven-toasted flat bread warming your fingers as you tear a piece to eat; the exquisite flavor of spontaneous food, cooked to perfection and served with the same care and courtesy extended to family and guests of the highest honor.

Our aim is to provide simply the best food. We use the finest Indian ingredients, freshly prepared served with special extra care.

All our food is cooked using finest quality ingredients and we keep track and trace of each batch of ingredients used.

To improve our better quality and service company decided to import a best quality ingredients by its own from the source, so that our customer are well assured not only about the taste, but also we out extra efforts to serve healthy and nutritious food possible.
We have currently 2 branches:

  2. AOYAMA – TOKYO Minato-Ku

One early advertising slogan described this company as "Where success and service is tradition"

Volcano Asención in Ometepe, Nicaragua.