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    The company division got its start in 1994, when we began importing Indian premium wines and liquor from India to serve the ethnic markets in the Japan. Once primarily a regional favorite among Indians, These products has grown steadily in popularity among Japanese too, with per year consumption increasing. This growth has been driven by the increasing popularity of different brands and category..

    Soon SEINAN introduced its food division and started importing authentic ethnic branded food in Japan.

    SEINAN has since focused a great deal on developing high quality specialty products and getting away from commodities.

    Moving along the way, SEINAN also tied up with major brands in India and other parts of the world.

    The breakthrough for SEINAN is when we started to distribute to Japanese mainstream supermarket customers.

    SEINAN is still a relatively growing company but has working efficiently had to consistently be creative with each product added in the company basket. The company's success has been established by the strength of its products and anticipates sales of current product lines growing by 20% a year!

    Our Current Brands importing in Japan:
    • CHEATUE INDAGE: (Indian wines and champagne).
    • NANAK FOODS CANADA: (Frozen Paneer, Rasmali, and other snacks and sweets).
    • HALDIRAMS: (Snacks, Curries, and Frozen food)
    • ITC Group: (Kitchen of Indian Authentic Indian retort curries and paste).
    • MAIYAS Beverages and Foods Pvt Ltd: (South Indian specialty, souvenirs, snacks, sweets).
    • RELIANCE LIFE SICENCE: (Rellure Mango Pulp, Juice, Onions, Tomatoes', rice and spices.).
    • RAJDHANI BRAND: (Wheat flour and other products).
    • CASHEW NUTS: (Whole, Broken, LWP and LP from Vietnam).
      ALMONDS, CARDAMOM, RESINS: (united States of America).
    • WHOLE TOMATO: (2.55KG, 400 G tins from ITALY).
    • CANOLA OIL: (Canada, Turkey).
    And many more….

    It's all about the relationship, to successfully implement, stabilize and grow food distribution through all sales opportunities in retail establishments, foodservice chains, or other venues. Trade distribution opportunities are endless, with both mass retail establishments as well as more specialty niches, such as organic food stores. Our sales experts can identify these opportunities through their regional marketing research and SEINAN Group can get these products where these markets will work toward a mutually satisfying business relationship. We can even fine-tune all order processing and inventory management through our state of the art web-based tools, and smooth out any process wrinkles. You will know that exemplary customer service is our baseline commitment to our customers!

    Other service:
    • Food Distributors (Food service Industry, Ethnic stores, Japanese mainstream market, Import food stores, and convenient stores)
    • Food Consulting (We are giving all details from origin till consumer feed back in food consulting service focusing on Indian ethnic food and spice)
    • Food Marketing (Our motto is to build the brand not just the box pushing marketing, our team first understand the need of our customer and then help them to select SKU from our basket)
    • Food Compliance (It's a major advantage of this 2 decades of experience in Japanese food industry, we are well aware of all the compliance issue for food and beverages import in Japan)
    • Food Sales: (INDIA @ HOME) is a popular online store not only among the Indians, but Japanese and other nationalities. We are also one of the popular online stores in the RAKUTEN store (One of the largest B2C portal in the globe)

    Our Company on the Move:
    The immediate success of SEINAN, s caused the company to consider increasing its product line and facilities. We decided to build a new division focusing mainly for Japanese mainstream marketing and distribution for Import food and beverages, continually developing the high quality products for Japanese customers and the other part of the world.

food & beverages